TransParent & TransFormed

For mothers choosing love...

Begin a journey of radical acceptance, fierce love and tender self care. Truly understand your awesome gender diverse child.

"Emily's unique approach helped me make the shift from despair to excitement. I’m amazed at how quickly and profoundly my work with Emily has impacted my son, myself and our relationship.”

You and your child have the right to: :

LIVE with resilient confidence

FEEL a positive connection to family members

HEAL the pain of rejection

CLARIFY decisions and next steps

BE EMPOWERED by tools that bring you peace

LET GO of anxiety, depression and dysphoria

UNDERSTAND the bigger picture and trust your future

OVERCOME harmful beliefs and behaviors

What families say once we become allies:

I’m amazed at how quickly and profound my work with Emily has impacted my, my son and our relationship. If you and your family need support email her now.“

Emily identified dynamics that were hurting us both and gave me the tools to change it. I’m bridging the gap between me and my teen and there more communicative and affectionate than I’ve seen in years.

I feel so empowered. In our first session I immediately felt lighter, more optimistic and comforted. Truly seen. My perspective on my child has shifted so strongly that my entire being is elevated.

We’re finally getting the help I never knew existed.