Trauma To Essence

Somatic Healing / Systemic Energy Medicine / Support

Trauma To Essence
4-week Immersion facilitated by Sandra Mackey
with Emily Waymire

This experiential immersion has 3 focused goals

  • Moving out of trauma and into palpably generative states.
  • Access to a supportive group field with the ongoing community for nervous system health through Somatic Listening.
  • A felt understanding of working with somatic and multidimensional fields.

You will end the immersion with tools for 2 distinct but overlapping areas of work 

As a practicing therapist or healer, you will be able to begin using these tools in your practice.

(Please note: this is not training. You will be introduced to specific, very useful tools. Which after gaining personal experience with, may want to use with clients).

If you are here for personal growth you will quickly find that these tools are indispensable and capable of bypassing years in analytical therapy.

Trauma to Essence Structure

This program is in English and times are Pacific

May 15th, 2 - 4:30 pm (PST)
May 22nd, 2 - 4:00 pm (PST)
May 29th, 2 - 4:00 pm (PST)
June 5th, 2 - 4:00 pm (PST)

Hold this as one secure container, like a month-long retreat, rather than separate sessions. 

This immersion format within a small group of 8 people offers: 

4 group sessions with Sandra Mackey.

Each group will have 2 “focus client” sessions. As they receive the session, the other participants are actively working in the Field as guided by the facilitator. This is not a passive observing position. It is as relevant to learning and practicing the work as being the focus client. 

Sessions are by Zoom. These private sessions are not being recorded. You will be able to record your own session if you like. 

  • Private TE Facebook group with Emily, Sandra, and past participants, for personal reports, Q&A, and targeted work to keep your momentum going.
  • Lifetime access to our Somatic Listening Community for practice and integration.

These structured and safe Somatic Listening Partnerships are one of our most precious assets. Beyond your Trauma to Essence group is a larger community of actively engaged healers, therapists, seekers, mothers, dedicated men, and leaders who have all worked with Emily and are taking charge of their freedom by balancing their nervous system and healing their Core Wounds. 

Following your month-long immersion, this is where you will practice and stabilize your Core Self and Core Essence. This is the safe container in which to do your ongoing work and exploration. 

Trauma to Essence application and payment

Access the Trauma to Essence application HERE

Once your application is accepted...

You can choose 2 payments of $425 or 1 payment of $800 (save $50).

Please Note: This training involves self-led, guided, and community work. It is an immediate deep dive into your Core Wound, Core Strategy, Core Self, and Core Essence. It is not appropriate for those in active trauma or new to dedicated personal growth work. 


Can I use this with my clients? 

Yes. If you are a practicing professional and are trained in trauma work you can introduce these tools to your clients. Note: This is not training. This immersion is for personal reset. Once comfortable with using the model you can introduce it to clients. As a guideline, we recommend both receiving AND facilitating TE work a minimum of 8 times with a Somatic Listening Partner.  

I’ve already taken the training or had TE sessions, will this be useful?

If you’ve experienced the work then you’ve seen the lasting ripple effect. As well as how deep this work goes and how nuanced it becomes as we evolve and the mental strategies become more subtle. People returning to the work will get support past blocks that have come up, as well as professional support if they are offering the work to clients. In addition group, Collective Field Work is without compare. 

Will this help me with my personal issue?

Yes. This work is universal and can be applied to any issue. Any long-standing issue may need more work but this will certainly get you on your way. 

Can I use this for my spouse or children?

Yes. By learning how to step out of the trauma field and into your own Core and Essence you immediately impact all your relationships. Your children, in particular, are helped by this type of systemic work. 

What if I don’t feel complete or like I “get it" after such a short program?

We use an application for anyone I haven’t worked with to make sure you have some background for context. However, these are potent and immediate experiences which is why we have set up for you a safe practice community. You will be given the tools to use on your own for practice and stabilizing. It is healthy for it to take repetition and time to settle in. However, the effects are IMMEDIATELY felt.

Is Emily doing the work with us?

You will be getting two forms of facilitation. Emily created the Trauma to Essence model including structure and materials for sessions, training, and Somatic Listening. Emily will be on the private FB group answering questions and responding with the next steps and support. Sandra will be facilitating the immersion groups using the TE model, under Emily’s guidance.