Somatic Multidimensional
Therapies & Energy Medicine renew, restore & remember the essential you.



Your body and energy field remembers everything. Subconsciously, multigenerational and multidimensional events become the template for who we are.

Now is the time to clear painful or unintegrated events…even if they didn’t start with you. Through careful and effective somatic interventions you can uncover what is essential for success in all areas of your life.

I offer systemic perception to get to the core of your issues and finally resolve them.

With a new experience of connection…all else comes naturally. Your body releases, your mind relaxes, elegant resolutions appear as hopefulness and creativity return.

You can be you.

it is that simple.

how does it work?

Your family lineage, historical events and planetary events are the map for who you are. Unresolved loss becomes the unconscious focus, causing patterned behavior and dynamics. We play out these dynamics until we heal them. Yet these seeming blocks to thriving can actually be resolved rapidly when authentic connection is restored.

Your body – and energy field – remember everything.

With deep respect for you and every aspect of your life, we find your core strength, ability to connect and passionate commitment to living your life fully. No matter what.

This is true restoration, renewal, and recovery. It is the absolution of all that has occurred and it is why you are here. To finally be present and therefore FREE.

With a solid foundation you can bring your attention back to embodying your soul’s commitment. Focused on what is essential together we may heal:

  • Birth & attachment disruptions (you are loved and safe)
  • Inherited family trauma (you belong and have vast support)
  • Traumatic events (they’re over)
  • Sub-personalities (your core is strong)
  • Parallel lives (you are wise)
  • Collective trauma (it’s not yours)
  • Mediumship illness (you are sovereign)
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