Absorption Intensive

 in The Orders of Freedom

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In a shifting world we NEED confirmed connection to the Greater Soul.

We are treading new waters... and very little seems to work now...

other than absolute absorption in the present.

Many people describe feeling weight, sometimes crushing. Or floating, ungrounded. Feeling immobilized in fog we grasp for our old strategies -they fail. Indecisive, we can neither move forward nor back. The magnetic pull of these times are INTENSE. We are in limbo.

Limbo Realms Border Heaven and Hell.

You can go one way or the other. It can be transitional or imprisoning. You can feel forgotten or remembered. You can be Enlightened or in the Dark. Limbo is ripe with sensate loss AND potential.

In response to this vast generative movement, I am now offering the next step: Absorption 3 Day Intensives

Absorption Intensive Transcription

Move From Drowning To Treading To Floating To Absorption

Access me as needed over a period of days.

Be in your own space and work at your own pace allowing for access to your deepest needs.

Work with precise guidance, within a longer period of time, offloading the hardest blocks you've had.

A secure container gives your psyche and body the permission and safety it needs to really absorb the work.

Together we enter generative fields of Somatic Maps, visual cues and essential points of reference.

Targeted and grounding work offers you clear direction, for decisive next steps.

The 7 Steps For Getting Through Limbo Realms

  1. Find what IS clear. (I will show you how).
  2. Name the essential pieces that need to be included. (I will name them for you).
  3. Define palpable steps from trauma to essence. (I’ll design your personal steps).
  4. Rebuild and stabilize your Core Self. (Celestial Beings, you and I will put this in motion).
  5. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. With loving devotion. (Crucial).
  6. Do this with a seasoned ally. (We can't heal alone now. I have a rare ability to see what is essential).
  7. Pray. (You have FAR MORE support than you realize).

To inquire about a 3 Day Absorption Intensive:

APPLY HERE For A Free Consult.

I am happy to answer your questions and see if Absorption is a good next step for you or your loved ones.

What Is Absorption?

Absorption allows that which was imagined to feel more REAL.

With dedication to the practices I give you, I invite you to feel:

Timelessness * Joy * Ease * Agency * Higher Voices * Visions * Presence * Prayer * Spatial and Temporal Shifts  * Boundaries * Stillness * One-Pointed Attention * Sensed Presence 

“There is a way beyond time, beyond birth, beyond death and rebirth. The way is not to avoid birth, death and rebirth. The way is not to avoid pleasure and pain, hope and sorrow, sadness and frustration. The way is not to accept nor is it to reject.  The way is to become without becoming, to act without reason, without hope, without disbelief, without antagonism. The way is to be absorbed, to be absorbed in eternity itself. Not just to think of God or see God or feel God or even to be God, but to be absorbed, to enter into that endless ocean we call nirvana, to be absorbed, to return to the source, to become immortality itself.”   Rama