Do You Want Chaos, Or Clarity?

Your Core Self is oriented through only one precious focal point: your body. And it is your exquisitely sentient nervous system that regulates how you experience reality. All therapies are received, rejected or integrated based on how secure your body feels.

This training gives you the ONE foundational piece to all successful healing.

This is the most overlooked piece in all, even advanced, approaches.

And in this pre-requisite training you learn why.

You will:

  1. Discover agency over your thoughts and feelings and take action from your Core.
  2. Build secure Listening Partnerships within which you practice being sovereign.
  3. Take back your body, and finally shake off the traumas that have haunted you.
  4. Look at numerous applications including 1:1 clients and support communities.
  5. Receive the Bonus Series: Strategies of Belonging

You will end this 14-week training with:

♦ Palpable somatic awareness

♦ Somatic tools & AGENCY

♦ A supportive community that GETS IT


♦ An online logo showing completion

Somatic Reclamation is the pre-requisite training for all of VAST. We know that it is that essential for you to get this missing piece in place.  You can FINALLY STOP piecing together training after training and be sure a solid foundation is well in place. And from that LUMINOUS.

The formula is uniquely simple.

The effects change what you know about yourself and Reality.

Somatic Reclamation is a method of trauma deactivation. It gives you an immediately accessible formula, based on authentic connection with others, to offload accumulated trauma and stress.

By creating a secure frame (that safe connection you should have had with your mother), your body will begin to deactivate old hurts through instinctual reflexes.

Following this deactivation your brain will repattern and naturally turn its attention to both present time and resolving any issues with many available solutions.

Equally important is the Listener who holds the special role of Core Self. (We have you practicing the very first week. We would never wait until halfway through a training for you to begin facilitating).

It is by taking equal part in both these roles that your body and brain repattern and you find yourself less stressed, less pulled on by the past, more flexible and available to the present moment and then... actualizing your purpose.

This foundational training has somehow eluded even somatic therapists. And it certainly is not found in any mainstream methods. Yet it is crucial.

Experience The Next Step To Ethical Therapy (even if you are decades in).

Why It Is Essential

Objective reality can be either hell or heaven depending on our brain and nervous system.

All therapies are received, rejected or integrated based on how secure your body feels.

I therefore give this method to all my clients and students and include it as the foundation in trainings.

I want every trainer to use it - so new therapists don't get caught in the trap of wasting people's time and money.

This Unique Approach Is Not JUST Somatic

It is a combination of attachment therapy, life review and resolution, brain repatterning, somatic cues and nervous system activation AS WELL AS actual real live closeness with Listening Partners. These partnerships are precious and can last a lifetime. Because it is so unique and seeks to meet the wholeness of our humanity, I have known many somatic therapists who also do this work, personally. This method teaches us to not just be allies but be truly connected, as we were always meant to be.

Who Can Use It

  • All therapists
  • Trainers
  • Healers
  • Somatic Therapists
  • Physical Therapists
  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • Anyone wanting to deactivate trauma and reclaim their wholeness
  • Children, teens and young adults
  • Change-makers
  • Social Activists

If you are wondering if Somatic Reclamation can be useful in your life simply CONTACT US.

Module 1

Your Body's Hidden Healing Reflexes

(Wait, my body does WHAT?!)

The foundation to ALL healing is knowing what your body’s limits and gifts are. And this is where we unveil all the gifts. You will start to take back your body and its self healing abilities that have been hidden from you.

Module 2

Healing Core Wound

When we give the body what it has needed from birth it blooms. And you will reclaim and repattern that energy so you move out of past trauma towards future freedom.

What you needed was a mother who was physically safe, attuned to you, supported by her own family and your father and protected by a parent friendly culture. But that likely wasn’t what you had. As you create safety your body’s intelligence will immediately begin to drop the patterns it has accumulated.

Module 3

The Listener Stance: Core Self & Breaking The Trance of Silence

Here we discover the art of both being client and tracking your client! Finding agency in how your body uses authentic connection. And sheer confidence in being able to direct another towards their own intelligence. These are the solid skills that will support you forever as therapist, parent, change-maker.

Module 4

Relationships & Human Fate

Here we look at everything from healing prenatal trauma to men's relationship to intimacy.

As you become more and more comfortable with how you and your client’s body deactivates trauma you will step into advanced techniques that effectively nudge you both towards healing primary wounds that have kept you in lock down. This brings you ever closer to Sovereignty.

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Here you will find, and name, what was lost. You will also find what was instilled in you and that you are still loyal to, that you do not want. You will begin to replace trauma bonds to an oppressive society with healthy bonds for rapid relief and empowerment.

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