The VAST Essentials Experience - October 21-28

Discover The 6 Missing Pieces In Healing

Learn the ones you personally need - So you can be free 

Experience how they effect you - In your body, where Truth is felt

Discover how to give them - So those you influence are also freed 

Uplevel your practice to impact the most people  - With methodology for a new era

Get The Missing Pieces + 2 Bonuses

Vast Essentials:

VaST follows the Trauma to Essence Pathway...

With 6 Gates to multidimensional evolution.

  • Gate 1 - Somatic Reclamation to discharge contraction and trauma from the body 
  • Gate 2 - Somatic Mapping for immediate relief from strategies of the mind
  • Gate 3 - Trauma To Essence to integrate emotional content and live in peace 
  • Gate 4 - Spiritist Arts supporting agency over your own Field 
  • Gate 5 - Absorption for a life that emanates from Purpose and Emptiness
  • Gate 6 - Matrifocal Leadership leading the acceleration of Truth

Get The Missing Pieces!

  • Recorded practice groups with real client sessions 
  • Videos & written materials
  • 3 Live groups with Emily & Daniel
  • Meditations, Exercises, Somatic Maps and Inner Constellations
  • Visual Therapies
  • An introduction to Listening Partnerships

BONUS 1 ➔ Live Groups with Emily & Daniel

BONUS 2 ➔ 50% Discount on Gate 1:  Somatic Reclamation