2023 Hybrid Training 

A unique methodology

in Systemic Multidimensional evolution 

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Are you ready to partner with forces that change lives?


  • You know your unique gift or message isn't being fully expressed yet
    – you love the work you’re doing, but you want to have the most impact possible on your clients, family and world.
  • You don't always know what to do next with your clients
    – you intuitively know you could help them faster and more effectively, but you're not sure how. You may be unsure about taking on certain clients, worried that you're not equipped to help them...or that you may even cause more harm than good.
  • You're experiencing mystery symptoms
    – like fogginess, dizziness, heaviness, anxiety, blurred vision, burning skin, or not feeling like yourself – and you're worried that working with your clients might be making it worse.
  • You miss the passion you originally had  
    – you thought your practice would energize you and SHINE. But for some reason, you're dragging your feet, wondering if you need yet more training, or are experiencing burnout.

You may have extensive training and years of experience.

But all the training and experience in the world doesn't mean anything if you don't know how to address the pieces that YOU personally are missing.

Based on working directly with, and witnessing, 1000s of alternative practitioners around the world 1:1 and in group trainings, I have seen the most common and universal blind spots that basic and even advanced trainings don’t cover.

student STORIES

"Since meeting this remarkable healer and teacher, life for me will never be the same. Over the past 10 years of intensive advanced study I paid thousands of dollars and have not even come close to the insights I gained in six months of work withEmily.  I studied with many well known practitioners but they could not guide me to a deeper understanding on the nature of healing. Emily’s loving acceptance, deeply intuitive nature, and unique combination of skills guided me through profound levels of self awareness and discovery.  For any practitioner wishing to deepen their own practice I highly recommend the Luminosity Program. As a result my clients are also gaining deeper insights into their own healing processes and no longer return with the same issue.”

Margarita Burke
Energy Healing Practitioner, NY

"After 38 years of spiritual teachings, energy healing trainings and working therapeutically with youth, I thought, “I’ve got this!” However, as my practice evolved I felt frozen. This is when colleagues of mine recommended Emily. The moment I experienced her beautiful comforting words I felt a deep trust and willingness to explore my unknown fears. Emily’s Luminosity program gently and lovingly brought me deeper and deeper into the vast, multidimensional sea of life to discover the buried treasure of ability I always had but wasn’t able to access. Whether you are working in the healing field or not, I strongly recommend the highly individualized Luminosity program Emily offers. It will surely support your discovery of the inherent treasure of healing and wholeness within.”

Sandra Mackey
Energy Wisdom Communication Facilitator, NY

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If you don't always know what to do next with your clients...

As you expand your focus and do multidimensional work, it can be confusing. Because you're encountering things you've never seen, heard, or felt before. This type of healing work isn't linear or cookie-cutter.

And unless you’ve done precise work healing your family lineage, you're also carrying transgenerational burdens (not just your own personal traumas). These get directly projected into the filed of your client. You may become that client's codependent mother or absentee father (and you have no idea you're doing it).

Systemic Constellations and Hellinger Sciencia

If you're experiencing unexplained symptoms: blurred eyesight, a wave of dread, burning... it may be caused by what I call Mediumship Illness.

It may also be caused by a Kundalini awakening. As you expand and grow rapidly in your awareness, it often causes all kinds of chaos.

Plus...as you no doubt know...the planet is in a time of intense acceleration and we’re all feeling it. You’re likely here because you're driven to serve during this amazing process.


If you feel like you're missing your one, unique mission on this planet...

Believe me, you have one! But no one has helped you find and understand your mission.

Embodying your life mission gives you the resilience you need to work with strong, multidimensional forces. When you really know who you are and why you’re here, you can orient around that focus and bounce back from life’s challenges.


If you feel like your practice is missing focus or passion...

It may be because you're not sure of your true life mission. And the trainings you've taken haven't helped you get clarity around that because group trainings can’t and aren’t meant to address individual needs. Which leaves you in a possibly vulnerable position of not knowing your blind spots and direction.

I am thrilled every time a practitioner finds me before these things happen.

But the reality is – many don't.

The good news is – your luminosity is always there and waiting.


  • Having an expert on hand at any stage of your practice who can truly see YOU and knows what you really want and how to get there.
  • Clearly seeing when your own issues are triggered... and then being able to have an effective response so it has no repercussions for your practice or clients.
  • Resolving physical symptoms that are a result of shifts in consciousness and heightened sensitivity.
  • Working with your clients and always knowing what to do with confidence in your next steps.
  • Gaining access to helping spirits, angels, guides and multidimensional fields that support, protect and nourish you.
  • Meeting other high-level practitioners for free support, reality checks and somatic listening sessions.
  • Clarified boundaries and finding your right relationship to your empathic gifts and mediumship.

If this resonates with you, I invite you to my new hybrid training.

Designed to meet the needs of this very new time we find ourselves in. 

We will work 1:1, through experiential online learning AND in supportive community.

Working in modules that can be taken separately or build on each other I will show you new methods for a new era:

Trauma To Essence * The Orders Of Freedom * Absolution * Collective Field Work * Somatic Listening*

Parts To Core * Individuation Art * Drawn To Essence * Strategies Of Belonging * Somatic Maps * Soul Mapping


A training dedicated specifically to your personal re-emergence and professional mastery as a leader in your field.

I teach unique methods that are effective, easy to learn and 100% in response to the work that is needed NOW on our planet. Old methods no longer hold relevance, though we can use specific aspects of them, with precision.

Would you like to know more?

“Every single session has been unique. But I always remember crying with relief at finally seeing what was at the core of my issue after decades of searching. I’m already applying this to my work with my clients to get quicker results.”


Why I Love This Training Program

Because of my own blind spots, denial and stubbornness I ran into serious problems as a healer, even after YEARS of intensive learning. My health and well being were constantly compromised.

In all transparency, I am a natural skeptic and I discern the efficacy of any approach. I never wanted to work with crystals, talk about so-called possession or chat about past lives. I didn’t want distractions of any kind, I wanted Truth. Furthermore my gifts were far more extensive than I actually knew. So I fried my nervous system again and again.

As a result I know mediumship illness like the back of my hand. Years of my life were taken up with chronic pain and illness, months of not being able to walk or being too sensitive to leave the house, PTSD, depression, anxiety, insomnia, mystery symptoms no one could diagnose. The list goes on... recurring nightmares, feeling other people’s feelings in my own body, over giving, and empathy for entire groups that aren’t related to me. Perhaps you can relate?

I needed to go through that so I could teach this and share what I know with you, and I wouldn’t trade one moment of it.

You don't have to wait decades like I did.

I’ve done the hard work for you. I’ve done the endless searching with advice from all directions. The countless hours in doctors’ and healers’ offices, shamans in foreign countries, the endless therapy, the confusion about who to go to and how to put it together. It’s stressful, expensive and draining.

You DO NOT have to do all that. I found my way back to my Essential Self and you can to.

I locate core wounds with practitioners so they can end the strategies that block true presence. As a result they drop “techniques" and learn to transmit their field to those around them, having ever wider zones of impact.

Keep In Mind

When you work with me you will feel it. It is highly experiential and not subtle.

I want you empowered, feeling who you are for real; outside of societal and family conditioning and traumatic events.

By working somatically (tangibly) with energy, you rapidly clear away blocks and can easily turn your attention towards the feeling of Truth. You then become highly aware of when you are controlling, or being controlled by, outside forces both social and personal.

By becoming empowered at this level, you then become responsible for your choices in how you run energy, thoughts, and behaviors. Manifesting your unique Soul's Design is a natural consequence of this form of clearing.

It is time for you to come into grounded integrity.
Because the world needs you.

Are you ready to partner with forces that change lives?


Perfect for you if you:

  • Have had training or have a long term practice.
  • Learn well at your own pace, in your own space, as well as the support of other students.
  • Want your own personal ally in the sometimes confusing world of healing.
  • Are getting burned out, fatigued or unusual symptoms and sensitivities.
  • Want mentoring around challenging clients or next steps in your practice.
  • Know there are gaps in your training, want a super solid foundation and you yearn to master your craft.
  • Want to help as many people as possible.
  • Learn best through personal healing and experience.
  • Want to bring transpersonal, shamanic and systemic wisdom into your practice.
  • You enjoy at home exercises and like follow up.

Not a good fit for you if you:

  • Prefer extroverted groups for general learning.
  • Need or want more training - without the deep dive. Sometimes we actually need healing or therapy but wonder if we can get a training instead. (My Essential Soul program would be better for you).
  • Are not willing to get private sessions if personal material comes up that is beyond the scope of the program. I believe mastery and holding big space for clients means doing our personal work thoroughly.
  • Want a large binder of training material provided. This mastery program is more personal than that and everyone’s learning style is different..

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I believe strongly that every person has a unique and essential mission.

Until we know what that is, we don’t shine quite as brightly or rest quite as deeply as we could.

You and your clients can shine brightly.

You can be luminous.