I help you remember:

 your life is precious.

My newest VAST Methodology Training™ brings 35 years of teaching groups and 1:1 clients into a laser focused immersion so you can get on with what you do best -serving others.

If you are only getting 1:1 help, you may want to change your approach!

VAST offers a team of expert trainers and teachers, student teachers AND a structured therapeutic community of colleagues for life.

In addition I work 1:1 with you when you need a complete turnaround, or are ready to let go of a lifetime issue.

It is time for communal, matrifocal perception.

You are here to serve.

You may be a therapist, healer, educator, parent or social change agent... It makes no difference!

You know that change is needed, NOW.

And you want to lead others with the most efficient and potent tools that exist.

I’m here to empower your sense of connection so you reclaim your innate ability to heal and free yourself from painful, limiting patterns.

Free of these limiting beliefs, habits and stories – you’ll truly thrive in your work, health, relationships, parenting and family.

When you reconnect, you illuminate yourself, your life and those around you.

That’s why I love my work so much. When you grow, so does everyone around you.

Together, our impact is infinite.

   You in?

WHAT clients

  • "Through Emily’s deep listening and amazingly insightful and skillful lead, I was able to witness, realize, untangle, and address many subconscious structures. The resolution I received in a single constellation transformed long term psychological challenges which had not responded to other modalities."

  • "Emily helped me through one of the biggest crises in my life. Her strength, clarity, integrity, and fierce dedication helped me keep a toe-hold and hang in there with the process. She has a unique ability to see clearly from many perspectives: the physical, energetic, systemic, emotional, and practical."

  • "As an acupuncturist, I have learned to identify when a patient isn’t progressing due to family origins. I don’t hesitate to send them to Emily and sometimes I have them see her before we even begin treatment. I know they are in very good hands and I wish every patient would see her at least once."

  • "There is no question in my mind that working with Emily has helped me find more joy, peace, and compassion for myself and for others, as well as opened me up to more of my skills and gifts as a practitioner. Emily is a truly gifted and unique individual and I feel continually blessed to have her as a practitioner and teacher.”

  • "After countless years of seeking healing I can say that Emily’s work is the most profoundly deeply healing work I have ever encountered. I have chronic fatigue syndrome, which has been a huge burden, a current I’ve been struggling against every day. For my entire life I have struggled with severe depression. After one workshop with Emily this is completely gone. "

  • "Emily is an amazing facilitator of this work. I have experienced many others and no one comes close to reaching her level of expertise. If you are looking for clear, powerful, life altering transformations there can be no better ally on your team."

With 35 years as an intuitive guide and teacher, I have watched healing trends come and go. I know the vital foundational pieces to your successful healing. As you work with me you will find that experience matters greatly when addressing complex human systems and potent universal forces.

I’ve had the unique gift of working with inspiring people in extremely diverse settings, including therapists, educators, master healers, people with chronic health issues, homeless mothers and children, doctors, authors, prisoners, abuse survivors, activists, social change agents, artists, leaders and parents.

I am different from many healers because I won’t just perform an obscure treatment “on you”. Healing doesn’t come from outside of you – ever. It is self generated and remembered. We’ll work together to break it down and I’ll give you simple yet essential tools to stay empowered.


I'm here to help.

Together we use my proprietary methods, scientifically proven approaches and indigenous wisdom to get to the origin of the issue and resolution.

Trauma Therapies & Interpersonal Neurobiology

Somatic Reclamation™  & Somatic Mapping™

Systemic Constellations and Hellinger Sciencia
Systemic Constellations & Hellinger Sciencia

Energy Medicine & Trauma To Essence ™ 

Developmental Interaction & Attachment Adaptation

Transpersonal & Clinical Hypnotherapy


why   I DO WHAT I DO

It disturbs me to see people cycling endlessly through workshops and therapies that don’t get to the root of their problems – or who become dependent on a therapist because they can’t embody the solution.

My goals with you are simple:

  • find the original cause of your issue (it didn’t start with you)
  • complete unresolved grief being passed to you (it’s not your fault)
  • hand you the skills you need to stay balanced and thrive (you are so much bigger than your challenge)


PTSD, debilitating chronic illness and intrapsychic phenomena starting in my teens led to a fascination with teachers and healers.

I specifically became interested in the teachers who had a tangible effect on a person without doing anything physical. I wanted to know exactly what was going on in their field that enabled that direct transmission of freedom. I’ve since spent my life learning to embody that field so I can support you in the most rapid yet comprehensive way possible.

I studied and practiced therapies and mysticism around the world. I was balancing my healing practice, gave trainings, got married and had a baby.

Then, it was time to expand even more.

Through a series of unimaginable events, I lost everything I thought was “ mine” … I lost my country, my home, my child's father and my community. I lost my health, mental functions and ability to communicate. I lost my savings and my dreams. I had non-stop visions, kinesthetic memories and the physical symptoms of experiences that weren’t my own.

Over 7 years of celibacy, intensive retreat and sole parenting my life and consciousness realigned. My perception of reality expanded exponentially as I somatically mapped the path from hell to presence.

In 2020 all of this coalesced into a new methodology for a completely new era of immediate need.

Today I have an amplified relationship to my soul’s luminosity. I know you don’t need just another technique or training.

The VAST Methodology Team and I offer you an impeccably effective training community so you can serve others. Immediately and sustainably.

See my professional background here.

Illuminate your brilliance, amplify your knowing
& embody resolution.



Emily Waymire is an internationally recognized teacher and healer with 35 years experience helping leaders who serve others, whether their family, clients or communities.

With a focus on resolving inherited and collective trauma, she has helped thousands of clients spanning 28 countries- including best-selling authors, filmmakers, change-makers and leaders in the Energy Medicine industry.

125k+ people have used Emily’s lecture introducing Family Constellation Work for professional learning.

Regularly commissioned for creative projects including the book “I Remember Union," she administers programs for organizations including Columbia University, Mankind Project, Peace Between People, Gender Diversity, the Lama Foundation and the International Systemic Constellation Conference.  

When not traveling, Emily lives in the mountains of Southern Oregon where she offers 3-day Absorption Intensives and her VAST Methodology Training using her proprietary approaches to healing.