Finally Free, With Love

Follow an intimate journey -leaving Collective Trauma behind.

Take an intimate journey with me and a client to heal the negative effects of Social Oppression and Collective Trauma.

At the end there is an unexpected and extremely important example of having a different response to the current war in the Ukraine.  

This particular intensive is a brilliant example of moving through personal trauma to archetypal essence and grounding that in the body.

Note how this client worked within the Trauma to Essence Field at all 3 layers of trauma:

Personal Trauma, Ancestral Trauma and then Collective Trauma.

As you will see in the last paragraph, that allowed this client to have a very different response to the current war in the Ukraine and his family’s connection to this war.

This is the point of Absorption and integrate it back in the body -hear and now. THIS is Systemic Justice.


My client approached me about a Systemic Constellation for physical symptoms and his fear of medical care. He had then worked on that himself and realized it was an issue about his relationship to the collective. I asked his heritage and he told me he was Jewish and his Grandparents escaped Russia during WW 2.  From there on the family hid that they were Jewish. 

I told my client to ask his body if doing the Absorption Intensive felt right. 

The following is our 3 day text exchange of that intensive...


Hi Emily,

I keep being an inner YES to the three-day text/email inner exploration and reconfiguring. 

With much gratitude.

Is there anything I need to do before our session?

So there really is nothing to prepare, other than making some space for doing the steps I give you, and rest. 

A safe, comfortable uninterrupted space. Water. And 3-4 chairs if you have them. 

We already spoke, but here are some inquiry questions:

  • What is your greatest fear? And if that happened what’s the worst thing about that?
  • What is your core wound?
  • And what are your main strategies to stop from feeling the pain of that wound? 

You can text me that, or not. 

And please text or email me your heritage again. 

A reminder that I’ll be in your field the night before. 

Hi Emily,

 Your questions in preparation for the 3 days simply rattled around my left-brain, egoic machine during the daytime.  I wasn’t surprised when I was awakened at night with deeper responses.

Preparation for Absorption

What is your greatest fear?  And if that happened, what’s the worst thing about that?

Fear of becoming incapacitated or debilitated.  The worst thing about that is losing my self-reliance and is my apprehension that my life would lose meaning.

What is your core wound?

My core wound was not being myself and my hiding my true self because I was a sensitive gay kid in a world that I perceived to be insensitive and straight.  So, I wasn't seen for who I was, nor recognized for my true worth.  I also have a fear of being belittled or of learning that I've hurt someone emotionally. 

And what are your main strategies to stop from feeling the pain of that wound? 

My strategies to keep from feeling the pain of my wound have been to be as perfect as I could be (which renders me inflexible and invulnerable), to nurture others, to respond to others through humor, and to stay busy serving the community.

What was your heritage?

All my ancestors have been Jewish, and as far as I know, none was religious.  I was raised without any religious training or religiosity.  Both of my mom's parents were Russian Jews, born in a place that we now call Lithuania, who left their homeland at 18 or 19 to escape the pogroms.

Soon after I received the inner YES, I began feeling as if I were in a group constellation session with a constellation just beginning, before representatives have been chosen, and I could feel myself already drawn into the constellation. 

So, I asked the universe to free up time sooner than our previous date.

Yes. That’s it. Smart. 

I really look forward to being with you in this profound way. 

I just reread your website. When I read it last night, I was simply ABSORBED in the content, breathing in the message, becoming inspired. 


(Midnight prior to Day 1)

I have opened up sacred space. In particular for me this means putting a quarantine into place. This is an energetic device I recommend to everyone. 

I will be dropping images and exercises to do into your field. Whenever I give you an image it is for your body to take in and begin to course correct.

I am doing voice to text a lot in the beginning, so there may be typos 

I’ve asked Archangel Michael (AAM) and Archangel Rafael (AAR) to bring in a pillar of white light around you, around me, and around the field we are working in. With an opening at the top to the upper world and opening at the bottom to the lower world and an opening in the middle to the four directions. And then surround that with the quarantine. This will stay in place until the end of our third day. After that you can ask for them to put it back up. I recommend you put this in your calendar because they are very precise. And it will come down. So it is very useful to tune in at that time to see how you feel. Especially since we are doing work around your relationship to carrying the collective.

I will be back when your field tells me to come sometime tomorrow.


(Day 1)

I've been tuning in all day and you have shown me the same image until now. You have been sitting in silent meditation very close to me in front of me on your knees, head bowed, eyes closed and hands in your lap very still, extremely patient, deeply embedded in your own knowing.

Now you are prioritizing for me where we need to look. It is very clear.

You stood up when I asked you to prioritize and the collective is to your left. You have turned towards that your arms trying to push it back keep it away from you. It is taking all your strength. There is fear that it will engulf you.

There is wisdom to this. Because you know that it could engulf you. 

So this is not a stance that lacks intelligence. What we want to do is get you into a stronger position that is relaxed. And so that your body can relax.

Lol. I love it. Just by me naming this you came to your senses. 

Stopped that habitual and reflexive protecting and came and sat down in meditation again. So that is perfect. You know how to stop doing it. 

But now we need to teach the part of you that does not.

First step:

Acknowledge that you know how to be in correct relationship to collective trauma.

Please confirm for me that you are getting my texts. 

Yes they are coming through.

Second step:

With pieces of paper. 

Set up collective trauma. 

Then stand across from collective trauma field. Then move back until your body feels it is the right distance away from it. Now put fate behind collective trauma field.

Already this relaxes you.

I will keep moving on at a fast clip here. The first day is a lot and much more will come and I will keep going. But I want you to not move quickly at all. I want you to move as slowly as you want and need. And as mindfully.

Noticing and feeling every single difference as you move.

OK after you set that up and complete it we will move into a different form of work now.

AAM is telling me to do something slightly different than what I thought lol. 

OK so we are going to go through the Trauma to Essence Somatic map. They want me to teach you this first.

When ready, set up these stations with papers:

Core Wound

Core Strategy

Core Self

Core Essence

I will lead you through the basic map. Then you will do it fluidly. 

First, because you can, identify a fifth point outside of this circle that is for the witness level. This is the objective witness. All it does is observe objectively. You have a strong Witness level awareness so we want to use this.

Next you will step into core self.

Just absorb this and let go. 

Meaning, feel fully. But never so much you just lose yourself. 

After you have felt the difference between objective witness and core self and allowed time to settle in course self, I want you to then step into your core Wound. As usual try not to have a preconceived notion of what this will feel like. Meet the experience fully.

By the way your grandparents from Russia have been here the whole time and I am holding space for them. I am also holding space for the field of Jewish people.

When in core wound you want to allow any feelings, sensations, thoughts, your earnings to come forth.

And after allowing full expression you want to then answer these questions from the wound:

What do you need? 

What would help you? 

How long have you been here? 

Can you see your core self? 

What are you aware of?

The next question is: is there anything else you need to say or share with us?

Then when your core wound has answered all of that and you have a clear sense of that space we will leave it.

This is how you move from position to position:

You will go back to your core self. You must separate fully and completely out of the Wound as though you were taking off a sweater or a cloak and leaving it in it’s honored position.

Leave it there. Separate out and move back to core self. As soon as you come back to Core Self immediately note any differences.

btw You can also set up chairs for these stations but it is less fluid. But if you need physically to set up chairs you can of course.

Then back in core self notice everything that you feel that is different there. Also notice if there is a kind of stickiness with the wound. That is OK. It just means that the wound needs more acknowledgment.

Next you will move to the position of core strategy. And as with wound feel it fully. Noting its thoughts, sensations, feelings, agendas, motivations, how it feels about the other positions. And how long has it been with you? You may notice that in the position of court strategy there are many selves, many strategies.

Then as with the last movement once you feel you have completely expressed course strategy you then leave it there. Fully separate out from it. And return to Core Self.

Then immediately noticed any difference is and how you feel.

At any point you can text me during the practice or in between or any time at all in these three days with questions, or reflections.

Certainly you want to let me know if you feel stuck anywhere. But from my end you look like you are doing this very fluently.

Next step: 

From Core Self notice that wound and core Strategy exist in the trauma field.

Course self exists in the generative field.

This is essential for you to note. And to have as a reference point always.

This discernment will tell you if you are in your core or collective trauma.

You want to get fluent in these three positions and how to move in and out of them. All three are essential and needed. We are not getting rid of anything ever.

After you are stabilized in Core Self which is also ego awareness or awareness, you will feel you want to move to essence.

If you want to move to essence from wound or strategy that is the definition of spiritual bypassing.

We must first always deal with our lower field which is also the trauma field and stabilize in our core before moving to essence.

My Core Self:  image returned that I haven’t had for years of being deeply in my core sitting at the edge of a lake with my inner twin. I feel so relaxed with him. He is the me that’s not been banished and blessed by living out in the world. I feel tension in my heart chakra, as if as I relax, I feel the impact of the pain of the outer world on my body

When ready moved to essence and as always feel, breathe, notice.

Precisely Everything you said. I am seeing that. Perfect.

Correct about heart. 

Because you aren’t sovereign yet. 

And body. Yes. The trauma of the world has affected your body.

This is not wrong. We are feeling sensitive empathic beings. And that is as it should be. We are not separate. We are interdependent. However we can get you in a stronger position. And ultimately that position is stable in your core. No longer leaving your core.

Essence is another dimension and you will feel that shift. Essence is archetypal.

At any point you can simply leave your field and stand in objective witness or the witness level. This is extremely useful to do at times.

Once in essence just really take in the new reality you are experiencing. The archetypal you has a completely different vantage point. 

So you’ll want to look at things like the Wound and Strategy and Trauma a Field. And notice how they are completely transformed.

Then you may feel a pull to the center. This is the truth or empty center.

You know the Empty center very well. However in relationship to collective trauma and your body we need to integrate all the rest of this.

Once in empty center feel free to relax there as long as you like.

I do always recommend to people however that they then return to Core Self and always end in core self. You will begin to see that core self is where you as a human being bring emptiness, essence and witness into body and humanity.

The somatic map I just lead you through are what I call the orders of freedom. Bert Hellinger created the orders of love and the orders of helping. I was told these are the orders of freedom. And now it is time for the orders of freedom on our planet. We no longer have time for family constellations or any content.

So complete your journey on this trauma to essence path tonight and let me know how it goes. Give me any questions. Or comments.

I know where we are going next but after you complete this I will of course check and re-orient if it is different.

I want you as stabilized in your core, essence and witness as possible before the next step.

Core Wound

Immediately needed to sit on the floor

As if my legs couldn’t hold me up

I feel pouty, impatient, quiet, angry

What do you Need? to be noticed; Bob,  you’ve been such a perfectionist that you never really acknowledged me

What would help you?  Take this weight of my shoulders. The weight of the world. I need you to have better psychic boundaries. Bob, you don’t even realize when you’re tired. 

How long have you been with Bob? 60 years

Can you see Bob in his core self?  Yes

What are you aware of? From where I sit, Bob has compartmentalized himself, and I’m stuck away in his gut 

Is there anything else you need to say or share with us? Bob, I’m here to serve you and you’ve locked me away and ignored me. I am the closet in which you hid before coming out. I am Your ethnicity about which you have felt ashamed? Scared?

Awww. Are you there now?


About to go back to Core Self


From CS see what wound needs. 

And give it. 

My wound needed to be held and nurtured. As I sat and held him, he moved from my gut to my heart space, so I could feel him and love him. I can breathe more deeply now than when I first came back to Core. 

Good. Now you get it. 

Core is weakened when anything is unseen. 

Likewise it is strengthened every time we work the TE map. 

You will feel it stronger and stronger. 

Keep going 💕

I need a short break for food that I’ve previously prepared

No problem. I’ll be popping on and off phone. 

You just text me as you go. 

Back at Core before moving to strategy. It comes to me that wound is not what’s broken but what’s been broken off (from the rest of me)

As strategy, I aim to fix, I overlook, I breathe shallowly,; my neck and jaw muscles are tight; I want to push something away; I’m thinking that whatever comes my way, I can do it; I have an affinity for wound; wound has needed me; I’m skeptical of Core; I don’t know essence (yet), and essence feels far away; I’ve been with Bob for 50 years; agenda = create a sense of unity within Bob’s being, which hasn’t been an easy task

That’s all clear. 

Keep going 😘

Note differences between wound/strategy and core. 

Wound/strategy are in trauma field. 

Core is in generative field. 

Just note feeling different 

Got it!  Very different!


Core Essence

As essence, I feel floaty, fluid, my body enjoys moving as if doing modern dance, breathing feels easy, natural; I feel whole. 

I feel empathy for wound, as I have felt about other people’s wounds. I sense his struggle for so long to be heard. 

I sense that strategy has well served the all by taking over and getting things done when I wasn’t being mindful and slipped into auto pilot mode. 

Perfect. Keep noticing qualities of both while in essence. 

Now I’m emptiness. 


Traumas, or rather triggers, now feel more like simple memories. 


I’ve been lying on the floor in the emptiness with eyes closed. I opened my eyes to see that the reflections of the ceiling lights are heart-shaped. 


Simple, necessary memories that nurture our core and essence. 

Ah, yes.

Is emptiness the same as the ether element?

I’ve returned to Core. I’m integrating. 

Good good. 

Emptiness and witness different. 

You find out how. 

Got it

Over the past few months. My ether element has been weak, but I’ve been successfully strengthening it. When I was in emptiness, I again felt as if I was strengthening my ether element. They feel similar to me. 

I mis read. 

Yes. Emptiness is ether. 

Great question. 

Unless you feel essence is ether. 

Check it out. And let me know. 

To me essence is soul. 

Emptiness is ether. 

Emptiness feels very ether to me. When I inhale. I welcome air element. When I exhale, I make room for ether. 

Yes, soul fits for essence. 


Soul is the texture and pattern of how we move through consciousness/ether. 


Ask your body if it WANTS more work tonight. Or needs rest and reset. 

The next piece is big I think.

I already know. Rest tonight. Recommence in the morning. 

But first I share this YouTube of a performance of a 4-minute poem that I heard/watched perform just before you started texting me this afternoon. 

Written in response to race relations, the poem’s window into the shadow side of SILENCE speaks volumes about the shadow side of CORE WOUNDS


I’ll be able to watch this in a bit. 💕

No rush

It’ll wait for you . . . Silently


(Day 2)


Here you are in meditation. Lovely. 

The next movement:

You will be doing the exact same sequence of steps as yesterday but now you will be doing them specifically in regards to your Jewish ancestors and then the collective field of Jews.


Start in your stable core self and get settled there. If you like you can bring them in with pieces of paper or chairs or however you like. Obviously it is a massive group and vast field. 

Then I want you to palpably feel that field from each place in the trauma to essence map. Start in core, then wound, then strategy, then course self again, then essence, then truth or empty center.

Note how you think and feel about this collective trauma field from each point.

Get to know for yourself deeply in your body the difference between trauma field and generative field and how you view or process this group from each side.

As always this gives them an honored place.

Your body will know what to do to bring this to a close.

Of course you will already have ideas about how you will feel from each place. That is normal. But allow yourself to do what you do so well, and simply feel it directly for yourself. This is only about feeling it, not mind.

After you have completed that fully find where you want to place both your ancestors and the trauma field of the Jewish people.

Where do you want them in this inner constellation of your psyche?

Or I should say where does your psyche want them? Where do they naturally move to?

Always bring in extra supports if you need it. For me that is archangel Michael. Or other generative parts of myself. And of course if at any point at all you feel unclear you step out of your field and go to witness level.

Witness informs/reminds me that all this lifetime is about my soul’s journey which includes this excursion on Earth. All the drama around me that gets into me/that I have allowed over time into my psyche is simply narrative. Now it’s time to become mindful of my soul’s journey by staying in touch with the witness’s detached, objective, personal-growth-expanding perspective.

As I prepare to step out on witness and into core, I feel my personal guardian angel standing right behind me.

My core is more robust today than yesterday. 

The strength of my core resides in my entire 3rd and 4th chakra, with support from my other chakras, especially crown and root. My breath readily goes deep.

In wound, I feel my grandmother’s grief, having left all her family in Russia and traveled solo to UK then US. More deeply, I feel her family’s shame for being Jewish, their internalized oppression, which is a treacherous weight in my shoulders compromising my breathing, and I feel their distrust of others and nonstop fear for their lives. 

What do you need?   I need protection; I feel so unsafe and scared. 

What would help you?  Greater boundaries so that I don’t feel so vulnerable. The weight of oppression on my shoulders gets confused with a strong sense of responsibility; I need help lifting this weight off my shoulders. 

Precisely true. Good. 

How long have you been with here? Since birth. 

Can you see his core self? 


What are you aware of?  He assumed that the shame and fear had to do with his sexual orientation and never looked deeper to find the roots in antisemitism.  


Is there anything else you need to say or share with us?  With the heaviness that I feel, I thought that the wound was located in my gut, but the wound resides in my 4th chakra as heartbreak.

After Core gave to wound what he needed, Core realized how it took his love, personal power, creativity, intuition, and support from Earth and Cosmos. This realization that Core was able to help wound  allowed Core to fully separate from wound’s helplessness, and thus feel compassion for wound. 


Fully yes. This is it. Each movement absolutely precisely perfect. 

Now I feel overwhelmed with an atypical and uncanny drowsiness. 


This tiredness always happens at this point. 

Lay down. Close eyes. Allow nervous to reset. 

Also now everyone is here, meaning all our celestial beings. Both our teams. 

They are rebuilding you from core out. 

This is huge. Keep tuning in to what your BODY needs. Give it. 

Absorb. Absorption. 

This is extremely beautiful. 

Your soul is exquisite. 

Delicate. Complex. Complete. 

Sacred geometry. 

I see you. 

I just walked outside and feel refreshed from the cool fresh air. 

I ate some granola; methinks I had become depleted. It was a long, arduous trip to 19th century Russia and back. 

Renewed, I’m ready to move onto strategy. 


Definitely allow nervous system reset as you go. 

Got it


Long before I could even remember that there was an outside, I sat sunk in a soft chair in this room—for quite a while. Guess that was part of my reset. 


I usually tell people in the start to expect this. 

I probably didn’t because I trust your fluent ability to follow your body and soul. 

But to confirm: this work goes deeper somehow than even constellations. 

It goes to bone. As your video showed. 

I’ve never gotten so deeply altered as with this work. 

It took me time watching patterns to see it was nervous system reset. 

Dizziness, drowsiness, deep fatigue, a need to sit or lay down. 

All confirmation you are on precisely correct movements. 


In strategy, I immediately tune into my grandmother’s independence upon leaving Russia and realize independence is one of my core strategies, as is gaining as much knowledge as I can. Again, strategy feels cocky, impatient, and overconfident and kinda out of touch with my emotional self. 

Perfect. Keep feeling into how strategy is the perfect medicine for the wound. 

Also, if not now then later, how is strategy the springboard to essence?

On this map, each point has it’s equal opposite. And they are antidotes. 

Also, strategy comes from our ancestors. 

Wound from boundary rupture with Mom. 


Back in Core as I reconnect with my emotional self, I realize that feeling cut off from my emotions while in Strategy wasn’t just a perception of the moment but a window into another strategy—going into my head, so to not feel. 

In essence I feel expansive. 

What might appear as so imperfect from the viewpoint of my other selves is clearly perfect now as seen through the eyes of essence. Everything has and is happening so that I/we might grow and expand and eventually become more whole.  

As an enneagram one, I go to seven and four. Standing here in Essence sensing  the perfection of the entire universe (one), I see Wound as the melancholic, overly emotional, at times scared four. I see Strategy as the noncommittal detached adventurer (seven). 

More deeply, I feel into Wound as being my pathway to feeling compassion for fellow humans and the human condition. I realize that Strategy, having detached himself from the slave-like drudgery and painful victim hood that presents itself in many humans, led me instead down an independent path of seeking knowledge—in studies, travels, curiosity, and interactions—and finding sheer joy. 

Yes yes yes. Good. 

I’m jumping for joy. 


And from all THOSE vantage points you can also do the map!

Take 1 through it. 

Take 4 through it. 


Btw they are still working on the rebuild. 

I just left you a voice mail because I was laughing too hard to tap out a text

(I listen to the voicemail but he is laughing with so much joy I can barely understand what it says). 


That’s so great. 

Ha ha ha!

Back in Core I feel in integration of emptiness, the perspective/overview of essence, and the objective awareness of witness

Having completed the TE map for my ancestors, are you suggesting that I go through these steps again for the collective field of Jews?

Not for them. For you. Because as you do it you free them. One step at a time. 

Always the freedom is for you.

 Got it

Dinner now

TE map soon

Starting Round Three of the Map 

From a Witness view of Earth before I incarnated this round, I aligned with Jews to learn compassion. Witness says that one doesn’t have to be suffering to be Jewish. Witness says that there are lots of Jewish narratives and that I need not become enmeshed with any of them. 

Core Self is not grounded. I seem to have to remind myself to breathe. There’s pressure right above my right eye. I find myself turning my head away. I’m not eager to step into Wound. Yet here goes. 

In Wound my breathing is shallow, as if there’s a noose around my neck. The field is loud, full of screams. There’s sharp pain in the back of my neck. Anger rises in me as I feel into the centuries of not being trusted. I sense a lot of chaotic movement as if no place is a permanent home. My eyes moisten. 

My personal guardian angel not now stands behind me and says, “I’m not here to remove the discomfort; I’m behind you to help you go deeper.  Close your eyes, and force yourself to breathe deeply. Search for what part of this collective lives inside of you..” I arrived at adulthood without two legs to support me—figuratively. Often on stepping into the shower, I flash on noxious gas emanating from the shower head. 

When among an international group in France, the other American Jewish man and I could feel a strong Semitic connection with the Egyptian Arab women, even as there was some kind of divide between us.  

Ouch! A sharp pain just arrived on my back right behind my heart. Even though my grandmother from Russia lived with us throughout my childhood and teen years , and she often spoke Yiddish to my mom, no one in my family owned being Jewish. 

Now I close my eyes and see rows and rows of dead bodies. How have I been deadened? I feel a pull toward a life of suffering. I feel the shame of Jewish parents ( other than my own) in my neighborhood growing up making demands of the school system for special dispensation for Jewish students like forbidding teachers to give exams on the High Holy Days. I didn’t want to be into a group that seemed to be arrogant, demanding, and elitists. 

In a French class in college, one older student was a professor’s wife. She invited me to their home for dinner, to read French children’s books to her young kids, and  to practice my French as she was a native French speaker. When her husband arrived for dinner along with other students, it turned into a Friday night Shabbat service. I felt so ashamed for not knowing any of the rituals. 

In a church in France there was a plaque commemorating the many who died when the Germans bombed the church. I sensed that I was young when I died in that church in a recent past life. 

What do you need? To be told that I’m worthy and that I belong. 

What would help you?  To be hugged ( I didn’t type this last word; my phone did). To be guided toward releasing the shame, fear, differentness that I’ve been carrying. 

How long have you been here? Since coming into this body, perhaps prior. 

Can you see his core self? Yes

What are you aware of? I see the sadness that was on his face from ages 3 to 7. 

Is there anything else you need to say or share with us?   Am I really present when I think I’m present if all these old programs are playing in the background stealing my energy and joy?

Hard for me to sort out the early years of shame and fear of being Jewish and the early years of shame and fear of being gay. 

After Core held and hugged Wound and told him that he’s worthy and that he belongs to me, Core remembered that I came into this world to bring a Light and Love. I seemed to have brought it to others, but not to my inner wound. . . Until now. 

Right away I feel how Strategy has been working hard for a very long time. He’s taken time to do fun things, but not taken time to just relax (until the past four months of an emotional and spiritual learning curve). Strategy feels to be a serious fellow. Strategy steered me toward several roles in which I felt comfort, success, and delight, all of which seem to align with Jewish values: a diligent and high achieving student, a loving and dedicated father (and now grandfather), a committed social worker, a sufficient provider for my family, a creative writer. Meanwhile Strategy distracted me (or deadened me) (my phone just wrote deafened me) to all the emotional pain and baggage I was carrying. (Hmm, so the baggage I’ve been carrying like the hoards of screaming Jewish people chaotically moving throughout the field, carrying their “life” in their suitcase/baggage). 

Essence recalls the initial assignment/decision to come into the world through Jewish heritage. Essence

is bubbling over with gratitude for Wound and  Strategy: Wound for his efforts to teach compassion; Strategy for providing such amazing relationships and experiences so far this livestream. Essence lifted the weight off of Wound’s shoulders and put to rest the narrative that old shame and fear must be carried forever.

Core looked around the room and thanked all his parts for being part of the Bob team. Core acknowledged that previously he had poor boundaries against collective trauma and then explained how very recently he put into place various shields along with greater awareness of when messages or narratives that don’t serve the good of the all are approaching his periphery, so that he can transmute or block them. 

Good night 🌙✨⭐️

All of that is essential. 

It is deeply moving to watch you individuate from the trauma field. Sort this out from being gay. (And that TF). And now individuate. 

Individuation and generative field now is your path. Now that is the field you operate from. 

As core continues to strengthen notice that no shields are necessary. 

Shields are necessary when we are in the TF. 

Notice how they are not when in GF. 

By noting this you can drop the effort that shields take. 

There will be many many TF’s extremely active on the planet. 

Now you are of the ones who can move through these fields without entrapment. 

To remain free, even when beckoned by familiar TF’s you simply strengthen core. 

You’ve seen and felt how now. 

Be in your own Core. So nothing else is. 

It is “protection” from filling, not shielding. 

Feel that. 

This is important now. 

To really track where does “protection” come from?

What IS real protection. 

What I know is that now you are no longer connected to that TF. 

As I look now your body is hovering, arms back, back arched. Extreme light coming into heart. 

You look pierced. 

It is an extreme image and very intense. But not bad. All is well. 

Drink loads of water. 

Extreme frequency shift. So take good care. 

I asked that they help your body with this. 

You immediately dropped to the ground. 

You stood up.

You look utterly changed. Like a new man. 

I’m without words. 

This last movement had something to do with the Jewish field. You may know what. I do not. 

It reminded me directly of Jesus on the cross. The revelation. The rapture. To be exact. 


(Day 3)

You look well today. Not just meditative. But doing a flowy dance. 

I often see this image as people are integrating. 

They are done working on your body field. 

But always working with you, they said. 

They want me to tell you they thank you. 

Lmk how you are and if you have questions. Or reports. 

Thanks team

Thanks Emily

I’m feeling calm, secure, confident. 

This morning as I heard word of the nowadays usual darkness in the world, I said aloud to myself (actually, I happened to be standing in front of a mirror): This darkness isn’t here, Bob, to dampen your Light. You, Bob, came onto the Earth aware that there’d be darkness; you came to shine your inner Light. So LET IT SHINE!


I’m fine with staying around home and awaiting further messages. I’m fine with more assignments and doing more work, if need be. My energy is good, and I’m feeling replenished.   I’m also okay with taking some time hiking in nearby nature while the sun is dancing against such a blue sky. 

Your sense?

You are showing me the same image of flowing. 

So ask your body if we are complete for now. 

Of if there is more. And if there is more, what it is. 

I’m feeling at ease

As I sit with my body in light of your questions, nothing surfaces at this time. 

Ok. Well I’m here until the end of the day. 

It is typical that day 3 is integration. So if you want to be in nature or rest go for it. 

Okey Dokey

Now it looks like you’re flying! Lol. 

That’s a first for me. 

Soaring over mountains. I hear wind. 

I do feel light

It’s very interesting to see. I see so much light. With so much man. 

The full masculine. Vertical current. 


I’ve experienced increasing synchronicities over the past several years, but note it’s nearly instantaneous. I felt some curiosity about the upcoming full moon, then seconds later I’m put in touch with a brief YouTube focused exactly on the full moon. Last night I awoke out of a sound sleep. My phone was in another room and on airplane mode. I had a strange sense that I needed to turn it on. At that moment you were right in the middle of texting me 😄

Thanks, Emily, for the guidance that you and “the team” provided me these 3 days. I do feel reconfigured, more whole and integrated, and more filled with Light. 

I appreciate you and all that you do and be,

My pleasure. It’s always a real honor to work with you and ALL you are. 

I’ll be holding space til 12. 

The quarantine comes down then. 

So tomorrow morning ask your body if it wants it back up. And if so ask AAM and AAR for it. 

Much love.


If you’re awake in an hour watch for it. 

A lot can be learned. 

I have a routine of picking one card each morning from the Angel deck. Here’s what Appeared the past four days:

Tuesday: Purification 

Wednesday: Healing

Thursday: Birth

Friday: Grace

Hmmm, quite aligned with the Absorption unfolding I would say.

Haha, nice, yes.

(This concluded our session and I closed sacred space. )


(I checked in with this client the next day. I do not ever do this, but in this case felt to).

How are you?

Thanks, Em, for checking in. 

I’m different in a most wonderful way.  I feel amazingly more present and very healthy. 

I just did something amazing and unanticipated—like minutes before I received your text.  

My family just received an email from my older son who is a political science professor specializing in Russia and Ukraine. His wife is Ukrainian. They live in Illinois. My son’s message was heart-wrenching and even scary in a 3rd dimensional kind of way. 

I found myself walking across the room and automatically standing in the place where the witness had been (the papers labeling the parts of me are no longer on the floor). 

The overview was instantaneous, remarkable, and freeing. 

Soon, I felt led to move into essence, from where my soul could remind my core (again, again) that I knew that I would encounter darkness during this incarnation; that’s why I entered: To shine my Light upon the darkness. 

I then stepped into Core to integrate. Result: I clearly didn’t take on anyone else’s trauma, nor responsibility for their hurt. I could see this war as part of 3-D drama, and I can experience myself detaching from this violence in my moments in other dimensions. 

This distancing allows me to transmute the suffering around me into compassion and affords me the freedom to shed my light when and where it’s needed. 


And from THERE we can be effective, as needed. 


Big smiles and little chuckles