…strength, clarity, integrity, and fierce dedication.

“Emily helped me through one of the biggest crises in my life. I was sure I would not make it through but her strength, clarity, integrity, and fierce dedication helped me keep a toehold and hang in there with the process. She has a unique ability to see clearly from many perspectives: the physical, energetic, systemic, emotional, and practical. I felt very seen and supported by Emily and was very impressed by all that she could hold for me. Her support enabled me to work through a very difficult time and reach out to other helpers enough to climb out of a very deep hole. Thank you Emily!”

Energy Medicine, Systematic Constellations & Somatic Listening

…I was able to see in her presence the truth.

“Emily has a profound level of integrity. Most healers want to fix something. After seeing countless professionals she taught me to heal myself. And I see that the changes are permanent. Most importantly I was able to see in her presence the Truth. With this most of my so-called problems dropped away and I felt totally at peace.”

Energy Medicine

…I feel like I have a life for the first time.

“After countless years of seeking healing I can say that Emily’s work is the most profoundly deeply healing work I have ever encountered. I have chronic fatigue syndrome, which has been a huge burden, a current I’ve been struggling against every day. For my entire life I have struggled with severe depression. After one workshop with Emily this is completely gone. I feel like I have a life for the first time and now I trust I will be moved in the right direction with enthusiasm. I used to have so many neurotic agendas and judgments in relationships and this is simply gone. I just love talking to my sister, whom I’ve felt burdened by for years. Life is not what I thought it was. I don’t want to die anymore. Whether or not my illness leaves seems irrelevant. I am in love with life. Life is so beautiful.”
Systemic Constellation

…the experience of being really seen.

“Emily is always holding the vision for what we, as individuals, are capable of. She has the wisdom, insight, and experience to see to the heart of the matter. When working with Emily there is the experience of being really seen, beyond whatever limiting constructs we have for ourselves.”

Energy Medicine, Systematic Constellations & Somatic Listening

…proper relationship to love.

“Through Emily’s deep listening and amazingly insightful and skillful lead, I was able to witness, realize, untangle, and address many subconscious structures. Often surprising and always transforming, this brilliant work brought resolution through re-establishing proper relationship to love within all relationships. The resolution I received in a single constellation transformed long term psychological challenges which had not responded to other modalities.”

Systemic Constellation

…broadened my view of life and how it could be lived.

“Emily provides an amplified field of awareness in which one can feel the physical manifestation of the mind letting go and receiving immediate relief. I pull on that memory often and apply it to everyday situations. My few sessions with Emily have broadened my view of life and how it could be lived.”

Energy Medicine

…treatments go better.

“As an acupuncturist I have learned to identify when a patient isn’t progressing due to family origins. I don’t hesitate to send them to Emily and sometimes I have them see her before we even begin treatment. In one session she is able to turn them around and, amazingly, they can make progress and the treatments go better. I have seen a pulse shift after a constellation on many occasions. This is absolutely valid work. In addition, Emily’s ability to create a safe container for my patients is essential. I know they are in very good hands and I wish every patient would see her at least once.”

Systemic Constellation
(for health care practitioners)

…Emily always offers the invitation to go deep and knows how to show the way there.

“I know I can always count on Emily to offer the invitation to go deep and to show the way there. Equally important is the sense of absolute safety and trustworthiness that always accompanies these deep dives. This confluence of skill and trust has allowed me to do deeper, more transformative work than I have done in a long time. There is no question in my mind that working with Emily has helped me find more joy, peace, and compassion for myself and for others, as well as opened me up to more of my skills and gifts as a practitioner. Emily is a truly gifted and unique individual and I feel continually blessed to have her as a practitioner and teacher.”

Energy Medicine & Systematic Constellations

…every session with Emily is a whole workshop.

“Somehow every session with Emily is a whole workshop. The amount of insight, grounded clarity, and depth of connection interrupts my old mental strategies every time. She sets me on a new, more hopeful and empowered course. I trust her guidance implicitly.”

Energy Medicine & Somatic Listening