Trauma  to  Essence TM

Structural Energetics of Core Self

The Tube Torus

This is your Personal Field when you are in your Core Self.

Your Tube Torus is sealed, balanced, contained and always in motion.

Energy is somatic.

"Somatic" is simply energy being felt or expressed physically. Behind any somatizing is ENERGY.

When your Throat and then Heart open, your energy runs in an upward direction. As it moves up your Central Power Cord and out through the 7 layers of your Field it is self healing, self cleansing and regenerative.

This Field connects your lower Field (human/earth) and upper Field (transcendent/heaven).

As you become more familiar with your Core you will feel this energy running. You will feel congruent and cohesive.

Every Part you have runs its energy differently.

If you can read energy it is VERY useful to watch how Parts disrupt or amplify this Field.

People who are porous have had early attachment disruptions. They repeat boundary ruptures by breaking this Field. It will be torn, open, porous or have thought forms in it... among countless other things such as beings or energy structures that hold transgenerational and Collective Trauma.

We call this "codependence".

Usually, but not always, this Field will repair itself naturally when a person stays stabilized in their Core.

We also have Parts that are Generative. They will amplify this Field.

Possession however can totally disrupt that. Just as any ongoing abuse would. In this case the person needs depossession work first and THEN help to stabilize in their Core.

If you suspect that your client has possession do not waste their time doing Parts or Constellation work. The abusive energy must first be resolved. Resolution MUST include stabilizing in Core Self and having agency. 

Possession and Mediumship illness can and will obscure the therapist's and client's ability to see and feel what is really going on.

This is why the best practice is to have a team approach, with healers or therapists you can refer to and work with. 

As with any image, if you look at this your Field will begin to remember and correct.