Trauma  to  Essence TM

Session Preparation & Follow Up

Welcome to the Somatic Map of the Orders of Love. 

This work is about becoming comfortable in moving around your own Field.

It is about moving out of the Trauma Field into Generative Fields. In order to do that, you must strengthen your relationship with your Core. We will walk through that process together. And then you will be able to do it yourself or with a Somatic Listening Partner once you are doing those sessions.

We will be FEELING the Field as much, if not more than, the content of our wounds.

I do not recommend using this process for traumatic memories that are still volatile. You will want to do that trauma work in a contained 1:1 session. From there you can take this work and use it.

Group Session Structure

We will usually start with a simple guided meditation or piece of theory.

Trauma to Essence Inquiry Questions

We enter the work with the following inquiry:

  • What is your greatest fear?
  • If that happens what is the worst thing about that?
  • How would you describe your core wound in life?
  • How do you avoid the pain of that wound (habits, addictions, strategies)?

    The Focus Client

    I will choose who is in the client position first. We will speak briefly to start, possibly using the TE Inquiry, and then begin our work.

    The Participants

    As a participant your role is to listen, breathe, feel, and hold the Objective Witness role. This is a very powerful role to hold, it is not passive. While in this position you are in fact doing your own work that is a strong piece to how Trauma to Essence sessions work.

    While in the Witness role, we may invite you to feel into other positions in the field, both to support the client and to integrate that experience yourself.

    As a Witness, something else happens…you gain empathy for disowned aspects of yourself. Watch for this.

    After Each Piece

    There will be a brief teaching, bringing out the most essential movements that are true for all of us.

    There will be a brief break as needed. And then we proceed with the next piece.

    It may or may not be appropriate for Q&A directly following the work. Write down any questions you have during the work.

    Please know that any questions asked during the session I will consider group material and answer them within the group for learning.

    After Your Session

    Post-session aftercare and integration are key.

    All multidimensional somatic work is far deeper than you will know at first.

    It is common to feel...

    • Tired: the body needs this reset and work this deep is genuinely tiring.
    • Vulnerable and/or emotional: the psyche has just been exposed to completely different ways of being and is not re-constellated in its new generative form yet.
    • Energized and hopeful: for some people the relief is so huge they have lots of new energy and excitement.
    • Relieved: the most common experience is that a weight you've carried forever has been taken off.
    • Complete OR Incomplete: these are both healthy and common feelings.

    Do not worry if the session ended and you feel incomplete. In this work, we are intervening on multigenerational patterns and looking for movement, not stasis. Often people may feel lots of movement without a tidy picture. THIS IS FINE.

    It is useful to...

    • Rest and sleep
    • Drink water with lemon
    • Take salt baths or warm showers
    • Be very gentle with yourself
    • Try not to analyze the work for a few days
    • Draw or journal and keep the right side of your brain open
    • Do Listening Partnerships

    I STRONGLY support you in not falling into the common trap of not getting a session if you need it. It can be a Somatic Listening session. The KEY to this work, as you will see, is catching the first movement back into the Trauma Field. The sooner you do this the easier it will be. The longer we wait the harder it is to get out.


    Core Wound:

    Identify your original wound, which will be the break in the bond with your Mother and/or Father. This is ALSO your break from Purpose and Source. 

    Core Strategy:

    Identify your go-to survival strategies. These are the Chronic Patterns that aren't working, because they are coming from your Core Wound, or Trauma Field. You use these in a misguided attempt to get back to Mother, Source, Purpose. These are the behaviors or addictions you use to avoid the pain of the Core Wound. 

    Core Self:

    This is where you break the magnetics with the Trauma Field and step into the Generative Field, and your Core Self. From here you become neutral but connected to yourself and others. In your Core, you are responsive, creative, resourceful, self-aware, and able to love yourself with equanimity. The qualities of your Core Self are the antidote to your Core Wound and Core Drive. And only you can discover and apply this Antidote.

    Core Essence:

    As we stabilize and strengthen our Core Self, we naturally open to our Core Essence. Essence is a generative and archetypal field. It is timeless and waits for when we are ready to give it our attention.

    The Basic TE Map

    You will begin with these four "positions".  Print or write them on four pieces of paper you can stand on. And place them about 5 feet in front of you as in the diagram. (Other essential positions will be added as we do the work).

    After being led through your first experience with the TE Map you'll want to read Breaking Your Bond With Trauma. This will make MUCH more sense to you, after feeling the work directly for yourself.