The Somatic Map to Healing & Purpose

TraumaTo Essence

The Orders of FREEDOM
Follow the Somatic Map to healing and purpose

Trauma to Essence is a life path, and pathway, to multidimensional wholeness. 

Working within the secure frame of this Somatic Map, the people who move within it are guided by an omniscient intelligence. This intelligence contains the Orders of Freedom: points of psychic reference that every single soul knows. Through palpable inclusion of these points, each person and soul finds their way to Essence and Empty Center.

If you are serious about grasping the function of your purpose now, and no longer delaying, this work welcomes you.

This work can be used as a one time life intervention or as an ongoing tool for freedom from suffering.  

“A brilliant combination for exposing and tracking elements of oneself that are pervasive, yet largely hidden, in order to return to source and essence. Because the work is inclusive and honors all parts of oneself -the end result is a powerful springboard for integration of the highest order.”

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These experiential immersions have 3 focused goals:

  • Moving out of trauma and into palpably generative states
  • A felt understanding of working with somatic and multidimensional fields  
  • Integrating Systemic Justice 

In The Strategies of Belonging series I will:

  • Utilize the Trauma to Essence model to disentangle from these vast fields that impact all of us far more than we have been allowed to know.
  • Show the movements from Evil to Essence.
  • Unpack Systemic Oppression and Collective Trauma -the under pinning of all systemic therapies we do.
  • Sort out for you how oppressions interact AND HOW TO HEAL THAT.
  • Explain the structure of oppression from a systemic viewpoint as well as the energetics and fields that govern 3 primary oppressions.

We will look at, and free ourselves from, our relationship to the oppressions that have directly shaped and limited us.

30 years of working with social oppression specifically has shown me that all personal trauma work that does not also address collective trauma is only partially effective.
Systemic therapies are about education as much as therapy. If we are systemic therapists or teachers that do not intimately understand how oppression effects both our clients and us, we can be good technicians providing temporary relief. But we want to be teachers and change makers modeling sustained shifts.
This series is essential for all therapists, students and clients who want to finally unravel the curse of trauma for themselves and their communities.
You are welcome to do the whole series or just individual groups. However I will present much of the information on Systemic Injustice on the first day.

I will be doing one or two Trauma to Essence Constellations as well as group work on each date.

In addition there is some written material to outline how oppression works and effects us individually. 

You will ALSO have access to our safe and private FB group for all those who have done TE work. This FB group has extra resources and support.
This series has little to do with current trends of "virtue signaling". You do not need to be concerned that you do or don't "understand the issues and say the right things". Nor will we be healing the planet through Systemic Constellations on vast and abstract problems. This is a space for vulnerability and learning. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT SPACE FOR THIS KIND OF REAL LEARNING IN WHICH PAINFUL BELIEFS MAY BE EXPRESSED, FOR THE SAKE OF HEALING. 
Hope is not only possible, but I believe to be expected.
I know for a fact we can be free.

Trauma to Essence Guidelines & Payment

Please Note: This training involves self-led, guided, and community work. It is an immediate deep dive into your Core Wound, Core Strategy, Core Self, and Core Essence. It is not appropriate for those in active trauma or new to dedicated personal growth work. 

TE Application

TE Payment:  Series OR Individual Group


Can I use this with my clients? 

 If you are interested in training or teaching others this work please contact us. There are TE facilitators but no other trainers at this time. 

I’ve already taken the training or had TE sessions, will this be useful?

If you’ve experienced the work then you’ve seen the lasting ripple effect. TE becomes more nuanced as we evolve and the mental strategies become more subtle. People returning to the work will get support past blocks that have come up, as well as professional support if they are offering the work to clients. In addition Collective Field Work is without compare. 

Will this help me with my personal issue?

Yes. This work is universal and can be applied to any issue. Any long-standing issue may need more work but this will certainly get you on your way. 

Can I use this for my children?

Yes. By learning how to step out of the trauma field and into your own Core and Essence you immediately impact all your relationships. Your children, in particular, are helped by this type of systemic work.