Work with  Emily

Currently accepting Inquiries for Absorption Intensives

I mentor Therapists, Change-Makers and Mothers who are fiercely devoted to assisting the systems they influence.

You are aware the earth is in a time of accelerated change and are passionately focused on embodying your life mission. You don’t give up and are ready to be fully present and benefit everyone around you. Your life is your greatest work of art.

I offer a precise way to resolve grief, trauma and negative beliefs that have blocked the essential you.

You may have tried countless other therapies and alternative modalities. Chasing symptoms and aligning your energy...over and over. Or healers healing you….but you don’t even know what they did.

It can get frustrating, exhausting and sometimes scary.

You are not alone.

I’m your ally in the overwhelm of trauma and family history. My goal is that you leave each session truly empowered.


  • Your family created a template affecting the direction of your life: your relationships, health, career and children.
  • You probably think it’s just “who you are” but these trauma bonds show up as fears, illnesses, addictions, abuse cycles, depression, money problems and broken relationships.
  • Every issue you struggle with is a highly adaptive and intelligent response to extreme circumstances that overwhelmed you.
  • It is not your fault and you can end this depleting cycle.

When you understand the hidden rules governing your family lineage you’ll find relief.

You have a physiological drive to heal that never goes away. And that drive is what led you here.

I offer a precise way to resolve grief, trauma and negative beliefs
inherited from your family lineage and other traumatic life events.


You need a solid foundation, based on knowing what works …

Address what’s in the way of releasing the past and embodying your purpose, including...

  • Parts work and sub-personalities (your core is strong)
  • Birth & attachment disruptions (you are loved and safe)
  • Traumatic events (they’re over)
  • Inherited Family Trauma (you belong and have vast support)
  • Entities, Traumatic Residue & Mediumship Illness (you are sovereign)
  • Collective Trauma (as you heal, we all heal)
  • Parallel Lives (you have vast wisdom)
  • Vows (you can update or release)
  • Essential Soul Design, Life Mission & Initiation (your life has meaning)
  • Ancestral gifts (your lineage of talents, artistry and mastery)
  • Structural Energetics (for maintaining positive shifts)
  • Core Wounds & Beliefs (they no longer need to run you)
  • Somatic and Emotional Release (for neurobiological balance)
  • Helping Spirits & Angels (your strong allies -with guidance from Source)
  • Inner Resources (that you always have access to)