Frequently Asked Questions

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No. “Family Constellation” refers to the experiential process of clarifying multiple generations of family dynamics and bringing strength, dignity, and gratitude to those relationships, thereby restoring the flow of life force and love.
Actually all bonded groups such as families, organizations, classrooms and businesses have dynamics that create a role for each individual. This work therefore impacts many issues including: grief, chronic illness, life purpose, trauma, sexual abuse, depression, anxiety, pain, fears, isolation, compulsions, codependence, relationship problems, birth trauma, postpartum depression, money, life transitions, career and business organization, addictions, eating disorders, learning issues, domestic violence, psychosis, fertility issues, hidden disabilities, gender dysphoria, and energetic phenomena.
The primary question at the heart of all Constellations is: “What person or events are missing and how can I fully include them?” See an example of the intake form for a view of the questions I ask to begin your work. I frequently hear that just reading my written intake questions initiates a surprisingly potent and positive shift.
Constellations vary if we work in person, long distance, in a group, or on the healing table. (Yes, it can be done very effectively in all these formats and should be based on your specific needs.) During your intake, I get the most relevant facts about you, based on your family history, your energy, and how you communicate.

During in person or remote group constellations representatives stand in for specific members of the family (or relevant system or events) and report their experience. Representatives experience the movements, ideas, sentences, images, emotions, urges, or aversions that come directly from the system -with astounding accuracy. As our bodies move, showing the movements of the soul, we can “read” what multiple generations of the system have done and what intervention is needed to finally resolve the old trauma.
Individual or couple’s constellation work is based on the same principles that apply to groups, however we represent the necessary people or events ourselves.

Constellations lift the veil of cultural amnesia that leaves us feeling isolated and numb. The work shows us clearly that we are, in fact, “all one”, truly part of the web of life. Experiencing this in person or long distance changes your perception of reality forever as you embody the true nature of interconnection. The movements occur through the process of Morphic Resonance.

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I offer individual sessions by phone, Skype, or in person. This allows us to really focus, be thorough, and make sure you can integrate the shifts. I also work with couples and parents and children.

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Yes, long distance sessions are just as effective, sometimes more. Because I read energy and my focus is specifically on connection, you will feel that I am right there with you. I enjoy being able to make my work available to people who are unable to leave their homes, can’t find the healing work they need where they live, or simply want more accessible healing work (such as busy moms, people with chronic illness, and practitioners). Clients often feel more comfortable in their own home and can access deep work because their nervous system isn’t in high arousal as it can be in person. All our work is meant to meet your needs, not my structure.
Your Constellation is a Brief Therapy approach that is effective in just one session. It is, however, very “strong medicine” and is much like an intervention. Therefore I do Constellations with an intake and follow-up session. It is key that you be able to integrate our work in your body, beliefs, emotions, and daily life and not just have cognitive insights or “peak experiences.” This blog post explains why I combine Energy Medicine with Family Constellations.
I offer different rates depending on your requirements. Following your free phone consult with me, where I’ll find out more about your needs and how I can help you, we’ll determine the best next steps. Rates vary depending on whether you proceed with individual sessions or if you want to embark on a program of sessions.
My short term strategic programs are designed to meet your needs realistically and at a lower price per session. Long term issues, addictions, help for your children, or mentoring often get the best results supported by body centered therapies, Energy Medicine, and shorter check-ins for support between sessions.
You may think you have gotten free of the burdens and traumas from your family by “moving on” when, in fact, this rejection causes more suffering and confusion. We all have a physiological drive to bond with our family. We need to know we belong and are accepted as we are. This work uses that powerful drive for positive outcomes. Attachment adaptations (the way we learned to bond with our family) are our template for all other relationships, even you career and spiritual connection. By resolving the grief from your family history, you will find peace and stability. This also means your children won’t have to carry it for you.
Absolutely. All of your issues relate to unresolved body memory and chronic shock. The great news is that your neurobiology is hardwired for healing. My goal is that you leave sessions empowered with experiential tools you can use on your own whenever you need them.
Yes. This is the most rapid and effective work I have seen for couples work. All your relationships are based on the template from your family system, especially your mother. Yet most couples are completely unaware of how unconscious loyalties to their family lineage are causing their problems. Constellations in conjunction with the homework I give you, including how to hold trauma, grief, and real connection for each other, provides extremely fast relief and an effective road map at any stage in your relationship.
Yes. It is unnecessary to bring your family or partner for this work to have a noticeable impact on the whole system. You can put yourself into a clarified position of strength and love with regard to all your relationships including children, partners, your children’s parents, your clients, your career, multidimensional realms, and your life mission. In reality we live interdependently and the positive steps you take to heal yourself affect everyone you are connected to.
I work with all people on a case-by-case basis. Parents often come to help their children. It is actually more appropriate that the parents come, as the burden the child is carrying usually results from their abundant love and attachment to their family and parents. As we bring the family’s burden to resolution, the child is freed up to simply be a child. Once children reach puberty, I can work directly with them. Older children feel immense relief as soon as they see what is going on in the family and they recognize that I see it as well. I do Energy Medicine with children and empower parents and children with specific somatic approaches that initiate clear and palpable shifts. Helping parents and allies to children be at their best is essential work on our planet.