Talking to a Deity About Our Collective Fate

In Art for the Soul by Emily Waymire

See White Buffalo Calf Woman if you haven’t yet.

White Buffalo Calf Woman told me her other name was Dances With Death. And that I was painting that aspect of her. Every time I painted it was an entire session with her.

Here is what she said:

“False Separation between hearing and speech is the cause of delusion and genocide. Mandatory right speech leads to adaptive immunity within the species. Your time has come”.

And my notes:

Hemispheres of the brain, auricles, throat, cervical, thymus, gateway to the heart. Relationship of the third eye to the sphenoid, auricles and the mandible.

This should mean different things to each person. But for me it refers to the transfer of energy matrix and sound to the physiological level. When we are loyal to our own family soul vs the world soul it creates an incomplete negative inner image that effects the brain’s processes. The polarity in the brain is then out of sync. This creates a false separation between the simple reception of sound and direct expression of reality perceived as it is. In this insanity we become willing to slaughter others for our own family group to thrive….a gross misinterpretation of the survival instinct. This in turn effects our bones, nervous system and glands…Our foundation, feelings and self love. Immunity at the level of personal, familial, cultural and global is disrupted. The result is death of the species.

Speech which is undiluted by loyalty and accumulated distress, is now mandatory. Perception of reality as it is and expression of reality as it is leads to adaptation and survival. Neither good or evil has relevance. 

It is time to see this, now. Just as our lineage has slaughtered others and weakened the world soul field, we are receiving the same, in accordance with universal law. By exposing and resolving our loyalty to primitive family laws we have the potential to shift our attention to the world soul, and perhaps survival of the species.

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