In by Emily Waymire

“I am amazed at how quickly this work has changed my life!
My fear and anxiety have been overwhelming lately – draining me, impacting my ability to function, make decisions and parent effectively.
With your skill and caring guidance I was able to identify key parts of myself without fear or shame and neutralize their power. The ability to name my core wound and engage with it consciously has been so empowering. I’m no longer afraid of it and see it as a valuable teacher and ally. I am no longer stuck viewing things through the lens of my wounded self. I have new tools to replace my old strategies of coping that didn’t serve me. I have simple, practical steps that allow me to diffuse my intense feelings and step out of distress completely. The more I practice, the easier it is for me to make the shift from distress to peace. This work is so critical, especially right now in the midst of this intense and uncertain time. I am so grateful for you Emily!”