The Most Important Step to Healing

In Somatic Trauma To Essence Work by Emily Waymire

If I were to distill all of  healing down to one thing it would be this:


Embrace every emotion, thought, belief, judgment, behavior, circumstance, symptom, adversity.

Welcome every high and low state. Say hello to dark depression and bright joy and mundane boredom. Include your neighbor, your president, your enemy, your partner, yourself, and all of the parts that make up what you think is YOU. And then welcome the part of you that only wants to “fix” things and not “be” with any of it.

Extend that welcome to your entire family history, your parents, your children, your work, and your fate.

If you can do this, even for a moment, it will change your experience of reality. As you sustain this over longer periods of time it will change your life, as well as the lives of everyone around you.

Here’s a sweet and short video of what healing really is.

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