The Erasure of Authenticity

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Now the Trump administration announced considering “narrowly defining gender as a biological, immutable condition determined by genitalia at birth”.

Even when it goes directly against science and medicine. Propaganda does not care.

If you are a trans person, family or ally and this has retraumatized you go ahead and give me a call

So now that day has come, that any of us who were paying attention and cared, were waiting for…The erasure of people who already don’t have basic rights. And who represent the final freedom: freedom from gender slavery.

Because that is how low a developed culture has to go to maintain it’s egoic structure. It must take out those who already have the least. The ones designated for destruction. The addicts, the homeless, the people of color, the imprisoned, the poor, the disabled, the sick and elderly. Those on the fringe who can be booted out without too much discomfort triggered amongst those on the inside.

We can measure our cultural mental illness by how we treat those who have earned wisdom through suffering.

I found myself immediately thinking of Terra Nullius. That delusion that arises during the mental illness called privilege that the land someone lives on belongs to “no one”.

I wonder then, where can a human body live, if it has no land to live on. And in fact it doesn’t exist? Where is the soul to inhabit, when the body and the land it needs for survival is denied entirely?

I never had to consider these things, except in some vaguely abstract, new age way until 2 children in my family, born 15 years apart, came out as transgender.

I can share this with you: there is nothing more convincing of authentic gender than children, born to a middle class white cisgender educated family lineage, who wear it everyday.

When you take away all the other isms you could blame it on…you are left with the innocent fact of it.

The simple fact is that these are the awake youth and enlivened human beings who literally can not exist within a delusional gender agenda set forth by the privileged white males who control all of our lives. As in my life, and your life too.

An entire continent: Terra Nullius. An entire CONTINENT. It’s aboriginal inhabitants of 65,000 years declared “no one” and therefore the land…magically up for grabs.

That is where my thoughts go when I consider the persistent erasure of transgender people in this country.

And still, we think this is someone else’s struggle. Someone else’s issue.

Gender authenticity, the freedom and right to express and experience oneself as you are, not as defined by your genitals….this seems basic, does it not?

Yet, still, now, even my self identified progressive, liberal friends of the family more or less think this is weird. I thought it was. I was poorly educated on gender. Greatly misled and enslaved by the cisgender agenda. And when I woke up I was horrified, truly. The shock of realizing how miseducated I had been led to me getting educated asap. And I did not wait for the people who were being mistreated to educate me. I educated myself. Just as I have as a woman. Just as I have with a hidden disability. Just as I have about being white. Just as I have about children. Not because I am good. But because I was graced in this lifetime with two things: enough money and an insatiable drive to be free. The first one was a great asset but the second is essential.

I’ve come to see how we can easily define the mental illness of privilege: does the person expect you to educate and serve them. If yes, they have the delusion of privilege. With it’s concurrent narcissism.

My hope, is that this latest act of sociopathy will stir us all to want freedom from misogyny. That from a purely selfish stance of self preservation we will ALL wake up and see that the oppression of gender authenticity is the oppression of us all.

Again, if this is the insane act that finally flattened you please feel free to contact me.

And if it’s time for some solid support look at my program for trans allies: TransParent & TransFormed 

I care and am a safe person for you.

Take good care, Emily