How I Know That Hope Is Always Available

In Art for the Soul by Emily Waymire

I make art to inoculate my soul from the mind’s self-involved fragmentation. I make art to keep from succumbing to the greed and numb privilege of our collective field. I make art to stay intimately connected to what is good and beautiful about the human lineage. And I make art because I am urged to by spirit.

It is actually a nagging daily necessity. Life makes absolutely no sense to me without creating. It makes no difference what form it comes in or if it is “good” or “bad”.

I painted “Redemption” around Easter many years ago during the darkest time in my life so far. I was barely recovering from severe postpartum depression, I was largely bed ridden due to a long standing chronic illness that got worse after giving birth, and my daughter’s father, whom we were very bonded to, was about to disappear from our lives forever. The shock and trauma completely disrupted any spiritual connection I had and I was no longer able to do healing work, or wanting to. I had been uprooted from my home and was therefore parenting in physical isolation aside from a few visits from family here and there. To say that this period sucked is a vast understatement. I have no idea how I painted this.

My daughter had walked on a blank canvas with dirty feet. I don’t plan art or have any image when I start. It is a simple Movement of the Soul. The redemptive and anointed spirit of this painting is blatant to me. It is practically blazing with hope and faith -of which I had none. If I have one prayer it is that whatever spirit created this painting through me never leaves me. And so far it never has. I remain in completely humble gratitude to That.

One of my jobs on this planet is to instill hope. If you are feeling adrift and hopeless, depressed or anxious I encourage you to contact me for a free consult or session. I can help you reorient to who you really are.