Why You Need to Know if You’re Possessed

In Energy Medicine by Emily Waymire

Um, possession? How woo woo!

Yup, I get it. I don’t love the word possession either. It’s been used in too many horror movies.

Here’s the deal: we are all possessed. Whether you are flooded by a memory or old feelings, acting out patterns from your family, living out the story of an ancestor you never knew, or have the feelings and thoughts of an energy that isn’t inherently yours….these are all forms of possession. Quite simply we are not ourselves.

If you still think that you exist as an encapsulated, separate individual… well, it’s time to realize you aren’t. Quantum physics, epigenetics, energy medicine, systemic constellations, our response to the moon, all religions and even simple, everyday reality show us another reality altogether. We are ALL ONE. We truly are all part of a very large complex soup of energy.

The point is NOT to get caught up with these stories. Enough of that! The point is to identify over and over what the phenomena is that comes and goes. Not get fooled into thinking it is real. And return to your core.

Many people have “possession illness” and are downright exhausted, drained, symptomatic, foggy, confused, chaotic and running in circles. I’ve also called these “energy illnesses” and “mediumship illnesses”. Anyone who has had this knows how debilitating and real it is. Just as we attend to the body when it is ill, we need to be aware of and attend to our energy body and soul. Healers, therapists, doctors and sensitive people are of course particularly vulnerable to “possession”. But guess what? So are the folks who would never ponder such nonsense…such as certain world leaders.

No one is immune from interdependent, multidimensional reality.

Here’s an article that breaks down “depossession” in plain language. Click here to read it.

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